who we are

The core team is Kay Scorah, David Keating and Paul Loper. We also have a global network of artists, facilitators and consultants with whom we love to work. If we can't help you (and we'll tell you if we can't) there’s a good chance we'll know someone who can.

We apply the techniques that we have learned and continue to learn throughout our lives in business, film making, screenwriting, scientific research, dance and choreography, music, academia, theatre, storytelling, yoga teaching.

We're interested in working with clients and collaborators who want to learn to express themselves more clearly and honestly, and understand each other more completely. We'll work with anyone who is looking for real change and real challenge. Box-tickers need not apply.

we offer...

facilitation with groups of all sizes in business, the arts, charitable organisations and academia; helping people to express their ideas and desires, create products, ideas and solutions, embody their values, form teams, make the most of diversity, resolve conflicts, solve problems, tell their stories and listen to others. 

training for individuals and groups in story-telling, self-expression, creativity, facilitation, qualitative research, presentation, on-camera technique, movement, resolving internal and external conflict.

qualitative research using image and movement as well as talking; within organisations and with consumers and other stakeholders. We are among the most experienced and thoroughly trained moderators around, with many years of experience and drawing on a range of techniques from business, programme making, the arts and social psychology (T-group).

storytelling; We make movies, dances, shows and music for ourselves and for our clients. We also direct, write, act, dance, teach, learn, listen, speak. 

our clients

Companies don't pick up the phone, people do. We are indebted to every individual who invites us in, who turns up to play. We learn from you and we hope you learn from us. You work for companies and organisations which include:

  • Accenture
  • Bangor University
  • BBC
  • Champalimaud Foundation
  • Dentsu Aegis Global
  • EDFEnergy
  • Five AI
  • Galway Film Center
  • Glasgow Film Festival
  • Grey Advertising
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • Heineken
  • Huston School of Film and Digital Media
  • Hyper Island
  • Indigo Snacks
  • Infosys
  • Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)
  • Irish Film Academy
  • KAO/Goldwell
  • Kelloggs

  • Kerry Foods
  • LBC Wise Counsel
  • London Film Academy
  • McCormick
  • National University of Ireland, Maynooth
  • Nutmeg
  • Oxentia
  • Proximity BBDO
  • Saïd Business School. Oxford University
  • Screen Training Ireland
  • Sue Ryder Care
  • Rothco
  • Samsung
  • Santosha Yoga Studio
  • Sapient Nitro
  • Teenage Cancer Trust
  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Wella
  • The Wright Group