kay scorah  ✉️️

facilitator, researcher, speaker, performer, yoga teacher, biochemist, monkey wrangler.

I work with individuals and teams including leaders of multinational businesses and arts organisations, homeless people, academics, charity staff and boards, actors, dancers and yoga teachers. I have developed and delivered courses on “Re-thinking Learning”, “100% you” and Conflict Resolution for VAIL (Victoria and Albert Museum Innovative Leadership programme) and Sapient Nitro’s CMTO (Chief Marketing Technology Officers) high potential leadership course. I've been a been a tutor and presenter (“Finding Flow in Conflict”) on the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme at the Saïd Business School, Oxford University.

I graduated from the University of London in 1976 with a BSc in Biochemistry, and spent a year in the Max Planck Institüt fur Biophysik in Frankfurt, co-authoring 2 papers on ion transfer across the erythrocyte membrane, before making the rather unexpected (to me as much as anyone else) move into market research and advertising.

I was a contributor and assistant producer on the BBC TV series on advertising and society, “Washes Whiter”, aired in 1990, when my accent was much more "English posh" than it is now as you can hear about 3 minutes in to this.

I founded... 

havemorefun more than 30 years ago after having been on the board of directors of 2 major London advertising agencies; Ted Bates (1986-88) and BBDO (1984-86). I strive to bring together the best of arts practice, scientific discipline and management theory to help people from different disciplines, cultures and traditions to communicate more precisely and clearly, and to bring more of themselves to their roles as leaders. Much of my work deals with the challenges of managing across borders and through periods of change, and with helping scientists to communicate their research and ideas with the media, their non-science colleagues, funding bodies and consumers.

After founding havemorefun, I lived in Venice, California for 2 years and studied improvisation and acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. I have also studied and continue to study drama and dance improvisation with a range of teachers, and I have a teaching diploma from Yoga Therapy Ireland.

I love my occasional voluntary work with the staff, volunteers and young people at Teenage Cancer Trust. I occasionally write, produce and perform dance theatre shows and stand-up comedy routines, write an angry blog (beware, strong language!) and I run an improvised recipe project, Essex Road Recipes, in Islington, North London.

I speak English well (except for the sweary bits) and French, Spanish and German badly.