some feedback

“I truly appreciate what you have done for us this week. Your insights on my people are awesome. I hope to see this entire group grow in confidence and results as influential speakers.”

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for coming and doing the session with us - all the feedback I heard over lunch and since was very positive - I think that everyone welcomed the change of pace and style! Xxxx, one of our retailers, said to me over lunch that it really helped him to 'get it' - the session made the whole morning click into place!   Also I've been hearing people say how much they loved the way you came across and how interesting they found your back story/approach. Also a personal thanks for putting up with us and for your support to me personally yesterday - I really enjoyed working with you - I feel much more knowledgeable now about story and film!”

“It was a truly inspirational and positive conference that had a really great energy, leaving us feeling that we are on an amazing journey to achieving incredible results together.”

"You gently opened up the heart of a crowd of highly trained skeptics with the touch of a incredibly articulate fairy“

"Was an absolute pleasure - really enjoyable conference with real sense of energy for the future.”

“Extremely well organised!”

“The Heads of Care I spoke to yesterday related a feeling of being part of something bigger than their own centre, an understanding of the wider "fit" and an excitement for the future.”  

“Thanks again for moderating the session and for creating an atmosphere where topics could be discussed and addressed openly. Two packed days but also very inspiring days thanks to you. And I really appreciate the follow-up as usually a workshop creates excitement which vanishes over time so easily.” 

“I wanted to feedback to you my very sincere thanks for the way you managed, supported and guided our group. Your approach was excellent and certainly for my part helped to uncover some powerful learnings about myself and my leadership – thank you.”

“I’ve been awestruck at how we’ve collectively constructed something so cohesive.”

“You created a very safe structure, which invited in hierarchy and invited in power struggles, but also set up a safe structure to resolve any conflict.”

“I have a reaffirmation of the softness and gentleness and delicacy (of myself). I would be seen as a strong person, a manager, stoic, quite yang, quite logical, quite objective, and this has been really nice …to find a gentle part of myself that I don’t normally show. It was quite nice to welcome that back.”

“You are the witch of noticing. Not just hearing what I say, but playing back to me the things that I don’t even know I’m saying and thinking.”